Find some Breathing Space

On Wednesday 6 November at St James’ Cross Roads at 10:15 there will be some more Breathing Space: an informal exploration of stillness in Christian contemplative prayer and meditation.

Refreshments provided.
All welcome!
LIfts can be arranged.
Email with any questions,
or phone 01535 279624.

Breathing Space will follow the midweek Eucharist service at St James’ – 9:30 to 10:15. You are more than welcome to come to both the Eucharist and Breathing Space.

There will be 2 sessions of Breathing Space per month going forward, each 45 minutes long with refreshments first. They will be on the First Wednesday 10:15 at St James,’ Cross Roads, and Fourth Sunday 17:00 at St Gabriel’s, Stanbury.

So, the dates for the next 6 sessions are confirmed as:
Wednesday 6 November St James’ 10:15
Sunday 24 November St Gabriel’s 17:00
Wednesday 4 December St James’ 10:15
Sunday 22 December St Gabriel’s 17:00
Wednesday 8 January (moved on a week due to Bank Holiday) St James’ 10:15
Sunday 26 January St Gabriel’s 17:00

There will be a post-Christmas meal and meeting to discuss our new group and the way we all might want to take it forward into next year. Details to follow.