Stanza Stones again

For our time of Breathing Space together this week take some time out to reflect on this week’s prayer focus:

‘The Mist Stone’
a poem by Simon Armitage
– go to The Stanza Stones Walk for further information.

Follow today’s video to pray in the stillness and silence. To suggest a focus for a future session (which could be, amongst other things, a Bible verse, a written prayer, another poem, a photo or a painting) please contact Anthony via the details below. The time for Breathing Space has been set but you can find time for prayer at any time, and we’ll all be joined together through prayer. Maybe light a candle and meditate on our prayer focus, or incorporate into your daily exercise as you walk silently.
Afterwards, share your photos and reflections on here or in our WhatsApp group – ask Anthony if you would like to join this discussion group.
God bless.
Rev Anthony
01535 279624
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