Meru poised to jump over the overflow again on today’s #dogwalk #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Full Moon

Wonderful afternoon stroll today near Rishworth while Daughter 2 was swimming. #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

No end in sight

No end in sight for our power cut and it’s still snowing! But we’re managing to keep one room in the house warm so can’t complain. Man flu seems to be persisting. #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Another Thought

So grateful for our wood burning stove! No power here and it’s been snowing too. Hope you’re keeping warm as Advent approaches? #powercut #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Back on Nab Hill!

The last time I was up here was before my accident back in April. Two services prepared today, sermon written, Nab Hill revisited, tea cooked, washed up and still some energy left. I think I might have finally returned to my pre-accident energy levels. I’ve enjoyed not posting so much on social media the last few months, so you’ll probably not hear so much from me as you did before #probablyagoodthing #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

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Not right

Still not right after my accident so have been signed off work by my GP, who has prescribed ‘plenty of rest’ to hopefully recover from the concussion more quickly. So, lots of time for ‘being’ rather than ‘doing.’ As it’s #EarthDay2021 today, I feel called to focus my prayers on restoring the Earth during this season of rest, with which I have been blessed, as a response to the climate emergency – a steadily growing cause of great concern to me. Thanks for all the messages of support. Please excuse me if I don’t reply to you all individually at the moment, but I will be in touch when I’ve got some more energy. God bless. #thoughtsfromswallowbarn
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Join with Peter Mullins for this week’s online worship for Esstertide.
— View any time from Sunday morning, 18 April, onwards.
— Please tell a friend that they can listen to the audio by phoning 01535 286387 (calls charged at local rates and typically included within your call package).
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Some of you will have heard I had a little accident a couple of days ago – knocked over by an over-zealous dog and knocked unconscious on the path by Leeming Reservoir. I’ve lost about an hour’s memory and have quite bad aches and bruises but enjoying being spoiled by my lovely family as I rest up in bed. I can only thank the Lord that my resident doctor, on the walk with me, was able to put me in the recovery position and look after me until the paramedics arrived. And thanks also to a good friend for coming to our rescue and taking us home. So much for a walking holiday this week! #thoughtsfromswallowbarn