Probably my last Thursday evening stroll near Todmorden, as Halifax Synchro moves to Shipley. #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Just about keeping ahead of the thunder cloud today. And probably the last walk over here, as small daughter’s synchro gets set to move to Shipley. #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Not quite as relaxing today, being pulled along by Mrs Meru! Good job my sermon for tomorrow is already in the bag #dogsinministry #thinspaces #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Where can you ponder the mystery and majesty of God? A favourite walk today is helping me prepare for tomorrow’s Trinity Sunday sermon. #thinspaces #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Oxenhope is a wonderful place for a lazy rest day, especially when the rain is holding off. #thinspaces #sabbathrest #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Lots to pray for including how blessed I am that this reservoir is only 2 km from our house. Prayers with oystercatchers, Canada geese, lapwings and curlews. #eveningprayer #thoughtsfromswallowbarn #thinspaces

Busy Jubilee

Busy week this week but job application, holiday club and wedding rehearsals done, just All Age Worship left to prepare for Sunday. Looking forward to that and the weddings tomorrow. And to a rest on Sunday afternoon! #busyjubilee #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Meru joins me for sermon preparation today as Sam is away on another residential. Not quite as productive as usual! #dogsinministry #thinspaces #thoughtsfromswallowbarn