Sabbath rest

Thanks for the prayers and practical support yesterday. Following the surgery on my right eyelid I now have a week of recuperation. I won’t be able to wear my contact lens so won’t be able to do a vast amount, so I’m looking forward to some extended sabbath rest and relaxation. Please pray for a smooth recovery so the stitches can come out next Tuesday as planned just in time for the pre-ordination retreat and my ordination on Sat 29th. #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

On Derwent Edge

Walked up to this amazing spot, to reflect, on the way home from my last residential at St Mellitus. It was so quiet there on Back Tor. So quiet you could hear the silence. And what an amazing weekend it was. I will miss my St Mellitus friends dearly 💜🙏 #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Last Liverpool trip

Last day at Liverpool Cathedral today at St Mellitus North West. Sad and tearful to be moving on but exciting and joyous to be embarking on the next phase of the journey. Thanks to all my peers plus college staff and volunteers for sharing the last 2 years with me. It’s been such a privilege to get to know you all. 💜 #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Flock of geese

Survived a flock of geese whilst charging up on the way to Glasgow! Short trip to retrieve oldest daughter’s accumulated belongings. #gooseattack #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Yikes! After a nightmare solid 3 days on my final essay it’s been submitted, and Moodle is telling me all my academic stuff is done! 🙂 #nomoreessays #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Meditative silent walk

Wednesday 5 June
Meditative Silent Walk at St Ives, Harden
incorporating Evening Prayer.

We’d love you to join us for something a bit different on a long summer evening. Meet at the bottom car park in St Ives estate to begin the walk at 7pm. We will be walking on good paths up to the rocky viewpoint, with the option of a shorter route back or continuing the circular route (3km or 5km) Quiet dogs on leads welcome! If you have any questions, such as details of buses from Keighley, or if you need transport from Keighley please email