Wonderful but decidedly chilly spot to start the half term holiday. Yep, it’s Nab Hill’s stone shelter! #newpriests #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Anyone good at fungi identification? This beautiful one is growing in the churchyard at St Gabriel’s; spotted after this afternoon’s BCP holy communion. #newpriests #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Decided to stop off at this wonderful place on the way back from Glasgow – much better than motorway services, and a short walk too 😀#thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Thanks for my yummy post-ordination tea including this wonderful ‘light of the world cake!’ #newpriests #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Wonderful to be starting my pre-ordination-as-Priest retreat at Mirfield. #newpriests #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Another Thought

Wonderful spot by the canal for prayers as I travel to Leeds for my last training session before being ordained Priest. #morningprayer #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Wonderful weather, hope this isn’t the last of the summer wine though! #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Not a bad start to the weekend (day off) back up on Nab Hill. #prayerspaces #thoughtsfromswallowbarn