Evening prayer

That this evening may be holy, good and peaceful, let us pray with one heart and mind. #silentwalking #eveningprayer #newrev #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Day 7 (already!)

Lovely welcome bring and share lunch today and great to get into my parish office too. Some comfy chairs required but the basics in place. Wonderful to have a base! #newrev #ordainedlife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Day 5

My first rest day in new Deacon mode. A rest from work but worn out after two long walks in the beautiful South Pennine countryside. I did put lots of suncream on for the second walk but still burnt – hope the aftersun works over night! #newrev #ordainedlife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn

Day 2

How about this for a vestry window?! Blessed to attend my first praise and worship service at St Gabriel’s in Stanbury tonight, one of the three churches in my two parishes. First Initial Ministerial Education session in Leeds this morning. #newrev #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


So proud of my 3 girls! Couldn’t have got this far on the journey without you. Getting used to being Reverend Anthony! 😎🙏💜#newrevs #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Overwhelmed by the kindness, love, care and generosity I have received in the last 24 hours. Thank you everyone. Such an amazing privilege. #newrevs #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Please continue to pray for all those to be ordained as deacons over the next few days, as my turn approaches at 3pm tomorrow. 🙏💜 #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Here goes! Rehearsal in Wakefield Cathedral at 2 then retreat at the College of the Resurrection in Mirfield. Just a little over 3 days to go! #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn


Thanks for the post-op prayers. Pleased to say my eye is healing well and I’ve managed to venture out to Hebden Bridge for a treat at Greens today. 😎 Just need to walk back home…

#thoughtsfromswallowbarn #smclife

Sabbath rest

Thanks for the prayers and practical support yesterday. Following the surgery on my right eyelid I now have a week of recuperation. I won’t be able to wear my contact lens so won’t be able to do a vast amount, so I’m looking forward to some extended sabbath rest and relaxation. Please pray for a smooth recovery so the stitches can come out next Tuesday as planned just in time for the pre-ordination retreat and my ordination on Sat 29th. #smclife #thoughtsfromswallowbarn